Mother-Nature: A change on the horizon…well maybe?

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After last year’s very dry season, everyone is making guesses about this year. Meteorologist Joel Gratz gave Colorado skiers a reason for optimism in his daily snow report on Monday, December 3. “I know you might be confused, so let me help,” he wrote of the morning’s light snow, “That white stuff falling from the sky is snow. SNOW! Wow. Ridiculous. Amazing!”  In an interview, he explained that the storm track has been pushing storms around us. “We’ve been in the wrong spot in regards to the storm track, which has provided a lot of snow to the north and west of us, and we’ve been in the same position for about a month,” Gratz said. “At this point, the storm track is coming off the Pacific, and it’s going north of us so we are definitely on the warm side of things. As the storm track changes it will come off the Pacific Northwest and drop down close to Colorado and the central U.S. and allow cold air to drop down from Canada,” he continued. In the short term, there’s a chance of “a little something” on Thursday, and a colder, more significant storm moving in late this weekend. That’s the storm that signals a change in the weather pattern.“It doesn’t mean it will be snowy and cold all the time, but it’s at least changing so we will begin to see more consistent storms closer to mid-December,” he said. So, time to start preparing for the fun and book your vacation. And don’t forget: you will save 20% by booking with Skiset online. Make sense doesn’t it?